I am a weirdo!

Yo. My real name is Franck, but I would rather be called by my nickname, FK. I actually live in Nîmes, in the Southern France. I am born in September 1988 and I am really weird and not disciplined. I can write dark and gore poems. I can draw abstractions and mazes. I can also create video games. And I play kawaii games, by the way.

I used to play guitar, then I took an arrow to the knee. I still play guitar, in fact, I was a part of a Metal band in the past, called “Fragments of Insanity”. But I get tired of it, and we had to split-up cause everyone had side-projects. Now I make violently violent noise with anything.



Everything in a kitchen can make noise.

Asperger Kommando started in 2015 with a fact : everything in a kitchen can make noise. By the way, I started with another name : “Asperger in a Ghettoblaster”. I recorded many sounds from my kitchen, assembled them grotesquely to make my first noisy sounds. I practiced like that. Short tracks and weird WTFesques titles.



I contined to practice until I get my own sound and my own style. I changed my artist name afterwards for “Asperger Kommando”. This is getting weirder and weirder, noisier and noisier, and more violent than ever. I started to make music with free softwares such OpenMPT and SunVox. Now I am currently using FL Studio along with some Audacity etc.

Keep calm and stay weird.